how to choose the best headlamp for outdoor activities.

This guide, introduces you to 5 best headlamp for any user Confused to keep your hands free with light.

it’s very useful during your adventure outside to have a headlight ex: ( When you’re out on the trail at night lighting a campfire, or repairing a tent will not be easy with a hand torch). In most guides that talk about “headlamp” we often find the same brand name that comes back: “Black Diamond Spot”, “Petzl Actik”, “Fenix HP25R”, “tikka”…

Here is the question: what is the difference between a headlamp for running, hiking, hunting, fishing, or tactical headlamp?

That’s why we created this guide.

We will see which configuration will be best suited for each of these activities.

1 running headlamps:

headlamp for runnerSanyi Led headlamp is a perfect source of light for the runner, it weighs less than 40 grams, 4 modes of use (White light Strong/ White light Weak/ Red light/SOS Red light) this perfect companion of light never ceases to impress us! he challenges the (Black Diamond Spot $40) with Max beam of 80m, and 300 Lumens AAA battery. and what is its price? it’s 62% less than Black Diamond what makes it the best headlamp for runner in 2019.

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2 hiking head-lamp:

headlamp for hiking

The lovers of the outdoor activities, are without any doubt the perfect person to explain the use of a lamp the nights. For a short or long hiking journey, the light of this headlamp will be of great use. With simple features like for example: When your hand is near to the headlight within 15 cm, the headlight will turn on, is his power (Wattage:8W using Lithium Ion battery), and Bulbs Led  technology as a light source, this waterproof headlamp is probably the best for hiking.

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the 3 headlamps that follow are powerful and they must be. Intended for hunting and fishing, their lumens produce 10 times more power than a “petzl or tikka lighthouse” that reaches 3000 lumens.

3 hunting headlamps:

hunting is an exceptional hobbies, a famous proverb says “In love as in the hunt, the real pleasure is to poach.” A brightest headlamp for hunting is essential, where the occasion of a good game often comes rarely, and after a long pursuit, hunter is not entitled to the error. have point hunting equipment like the “TRLIFE” offers comfort with 4000 lumen rechargeable by usb, classic charger and battery (Lithium Ion), Wattage 30W and of course Beam Angle of 180 °, all with a solid suitcase to keep your gear organized. here is a small presentation:

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4 fishing headlights:

hedlamp for fichingThe next led headlamp for fishing, is the Shustar, with the Bulbs LED as light Source and with 5000 lumens, its power makes the difference, and like the fishing is a sport where you are in confrontation with the water, the Shustar are waterproof and the three head led allows you to have the light, without doing much to the fish, which ranks as the best headlamp for fishing.

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5 tactical head-lamps:

tactical headlamp If you look for a tactical headlamp it will certainly be the better the Smuxi has a power of 10000 lumens, 30w, waterproof and with 6 torch flashlights, and bright enough for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Barbecue, Party, Car fixing, Exploration and more Outdoor Activities.

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And you what kind of headlamp do you use? write it in the comments.

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